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Our Staff

The majority of our staff have been with Dr. Sultan for more than a decade, several for considerably longer.

The stability of our staff is both an outcome of his steady leadership, and a reflection of the camaraderie and professionalism within our practice.

We are all dedicated to providing our patients with the best possible experience and outcome from the consultation to the final surgical result.

Our staff includes:

Audra Sosa – Office Manager
Dawn Torres – Billing Coordinator
Patricia Shannon, RN – Aesthetic Surgical Coordinator
Obed Marquez, CST – Surgical Technologist
Lexi Glockner, PA – Surgical Coordinator
Marissa Sosa, PA – Patient Liaison

Theresa Farrell, RN
Donna Russo, RN
Caterina Severini, RN
Deidre Lehr, RN